David Baer – Past President

David is a veteran of the New York theatre community, having spent 13 years working on and off Broadway and in regional theaters in both New York and New Jersey as a stage manager and administrator. He holds a degree from Oberlin College where he studied theater, opera, economics, and Soviet politics. During his time at Oberlin, David met his wife, Abby, while working in the box office. In 2004, David left a comfortable and secure civil service job managing a performing arts center for The State of New York, in order to import and market traditional European wines.

Ever the glutton for punishment, David relocated his importing activities to Portland, Oregon in 2008 to compete in one of the nation's most over-saturated wine markets just as the economic downturn was starting to take hold. David is thrilled to have been invited by fellow Oberlin graduate, Daniel Somerfield, to participate in the forming of Willamette Shakespeare through service on its board.